Hand Stamped

Handstamped/ Inscribed Jewellery

Our handstamped and inscribed range is a great way to wear your loved ones close.  Each piece has the letters individually stamped. Therefore no two pieces will be identical.  There may be small variations in depth and spacing which add to the charm of your unique piece.

Handstamping and inscribing can be done on your choice of pendant or charm.  These can be made into necklaces, bracelets and keychains.

Various fonts are available.

Chains and bracelets are not included in prices unless otherwise stated.

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I love, love, love my name tag bracelet. I get so many comments on it and my kids love that I wear their names every day.

Jenny Pascoe 23/10/16

Ive been wanting one of these necklaces with my kids names on them for years but never found the right one. I love that your pieces are all so unique. So finalyy I have my necklace. I absoluteley love it and wear it always.

Diandra Swell 16/8/16