"Stars cant shine without darkness"

The loss of a family member or loved one is an extremely difficult time.  Here at Pure Silver Impressions I would like to help you remember and keep those loved ones close always. Handprints are usually the best option but fingerprints can also be done.

Losing a pet is just as hard as losing a family member or friend.

I take great pride in helping you remember and treasure your loved pets by working with you to make the perfect keeksake to keep them close always.

The best prints are taken using an inkless wipes kit available through me or if you have an old print taken using ink or paint, these prints can generally also be used. 

You can also ask your local vet to take a print for you.

Prints can be organised to be taken at the hospital or funeral home.

Please get in touch to discuss the right option for you.


I lost my dog this year who has been my best friend since I was a kid.  Nikki was so kind and understanding.  She organised the prints for me and made me a keychain with Max`s paw print and name.  Thanks Nikki.

Dave Grey 10/11/16

After our daughter passed away suddenly we were lost. A friend recommended Nikki and her jewellery. She came and took the prints herself, then when we were ready we chose a piece of jewellery each for my husband and myself. Its never going to bring her back but I have a piece of her with me always. Thank you Nikki.

Margaret and Ben Franklin 25/5/16